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EUROSOLAR Georgia Hosts Conference “Enabling PV in Georgia” with Key Industry Leaders

On November 28, 2019, EUROSOLAR Georgia, under the leadership of Chairman George Kekelidze, organized a highly anticipated conference titled “Enabling PV in Georgia.” The event served as a crucial platform for industry experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to discuss and advance photovoltaic (PV) development and applied research in the country.

Distinguished Guests and Speakers:

The conference welcomed esteemed guests and prominent figures, including H.E. Mr. Hubert Knirsch, Ambassador of the German Embassy in Tbilisi, and Zviad Gabisonia, General Director of the Rustaveli National Foundation. George Kekelidze, Trustee of the European Association for Renewable Energy EUROSOLAR e.V. and Executive Director of International Innovative Technologies, served as the conference moderator, guiding the insightful discussions throughout the day.

Development of PV & Applied Research in Georgia:

The event commenced with a compelling session focusing on the development of PV and applied research in Georgia. Distinguished speakers, such as David Wedepohl, Managing Director International Affairs at German Solar Association, and Christoph Urbschat, CEO of eclareon & Chairman of Work Group Export PV at German Solar Association, shared their expertise on the subject.

Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Nikoloz Alavidze, alongside Shokhrukh Baratov, Chief Strategy Officer at AE SOLAR, and Maia Tskhvaradze, representing the Environment and Climate Change Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of Georgia, added invaluable insights into Georgia’s renewable energy landscape.

Collaboration and Perspectives:

The conference also saw the participation of key stakeholders who emphasized the importance of collaboration and the potential for PV growth in the country. Barbara von Münchhausen, Head of Goethe-Institut Georgia, and Hans Rieck, Director of KFW Georgia, emphasized their organizations’ commitment to fostering sustainable energy initiatives.

Giorgi Abdushlishvili, Member of Council, EUROSOLAR Georgia, highlighted the significance of a collective effort to drive renewable energy adoption and development in Georgia.

Practical Cases of PV Installations and Pilot Projects:

The latter part of the conference showcased practical case studies on both on-grid and off-grid PV installations and pilot projects in Georgia. Industry leaders, including Giorgi Chikovani, Chairman of Georgian Energy Development Fund, and Levan Pangani, representing the Georgian Innovation and Technical Agency, shared their experiences and showcased real-world applications.

The valuable insights continued with contributions from Irakli Babunashvili of PV Georgia, Gia Arabidze, Dean of Energy Faculty at GTU, and Akaki Gigineishvili, Dean of Engineering Physics Faculty at GTU. Sulkhan Davitadze, Investment Director of Silicon Solar Technologies, and Zurab Sikharulidze, Executive Director of IDC, further enriched the discussions with their perspectives.

Shaping the Future of PV in Georgia:

The “Enabling PV in Georgia” conference brought together a diverse range of industry stakeholders and thought leaders, paving the way for constructive dialogue and collaboration. The event not only highlighted the immense potential for PV growth in Georgia but also emphasized the importance of applied research and innovative solutions in shaping the country’s sustainable energy future.

EUROSOLAR Georgia, under the visionary leadership of George Kekelidze, continues to spearhead initiatives that drive renewable energy adoption and contribute to a greener, more sustainable Georgia.

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