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ENABLING PV in Georgia – Advancing Renewable Energy Projects

Tbilisi, Georgia – A Round Table event titled “ENABLING PV in Georgia” took place on December 14th, 2020, focusing on the advancement of Photovoltaic (PV) solar energy projects in Georgia. The event was held virtually via Zoom, with speakers and participants from various energy sectors engaging in insightful discussions about the future of renewable energy in the country.

Hosted by International Innovative Technologies and led by George Kekelidze, Executive Director of EUROSOLAR Georgia, the Round Table featured prominent speakers and experts in the field, aiming to promote cooperation and innovation in Georgia’s renewable energy landscape.

The agenda covered various topics related to renewable energy and PV projects in Georgia, with a particular focus on decentralized applications. The speakers delved into market opportunities, challenges, achievements, and potential collaborations between German and Georgian companies in the renewable energy sector.

Noteworthy presentations included Tornike Kazarashvili’s overview of the current status of renewable energy power generation in Georgia and Giorgi Chikovani’s insights into the support offered by GEDF for the development and implementation of renewable energy projects.

Christoph Urbschat presented the ENABLING PV vision, mission, and tasks, showcasing the potential for growth in the PV sector. David Wedepohl emphasized the cooperation potential between German and Georgian companies, highlighting the mutual benefits of joint ventures in the renewable energy market.

The Round Table also allowed for interactive sessions, with Q&A and discussions between speakers and participants. This provided a platform for sharing experiences, insights, and future plans for Georgia’s energy sector.

Hans Rieck presented achievements and challenges faced by the Georgian energy sector, while Givi Adeishvili discussed trends in Georgian energy during 2020, specifically focusing on renewable energy sources.

Prof. Maia Melikidze’s presentation focused on market opportunities for decentralized RES applications in Georgia, highlighting the potential for further adoption of renewable energy technologies across various sectors.

Ulf Lohse presented compelling business cases for decentralized PV in Georgia, sharing results from detailed studies that underscored the economic viability of decentralized solar installations.

Irakli Babunashvili shared successful case studies of small-scale PV installations, demonstrating the feasibility and impact of renewable energy projects.

Ayhan Coskun presented international experiences with grid-connected solutions and off-grid PV-hybrid systems, drawing valuable insights from global best practices.

Dr. Afshin Bakhtiari wrapped up the presentations by discussing the CARYS Solar Microgeneration Applied Research Project at Georgian Technical University, showcasing the potential for innovative research and development in the renewable energy sector.

Throughout the event, participants engaged in lively discussions, exchanging ideas, and exploring new possibilities for advancing the renewable energy sector in Georgia.

George Kekelidze concluded the Round Table with an outlook on activities planned for 2021, expressing optimism for further collaboration and advancements in the country’s renewable energy landscape.

The event was a successful step towards promoting sustainable energy practices and partnerships in Georgia, setting the stage for a greener and more promising future in the energy sector.

For more information about the event and the participating organizations, please visit the respective websites provided for each speaker.


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