Sustainable Energy Initiative: Solar Project Enhances Energy Independence of Tbilisi Church

In a recent development during the trilateral memorandum signing event between the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, Skills Agency Georgia, and the Eberhard-Schöck-Stiftung, a significant partnership emerged, highlighting sustainable energy initiatives. Innovation Energy, represented by George Kekelidze, collaborated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Georgia and the Southern Caucasus, represented by Bishop Rolf Bareis. They signed a contract for installing a solar system on the roof of a church in Tbilisi.

This collaboration demonstrates a commitment to integrating renewable energy solutions within religious institutions, showcasing potential innovations. George Kekelidze, representing Innovation Energy, expressed support for the project, emphasizing its alignment with the company’s mission to drive positive change through sustainable energy solutions.

Bishop Rolf Bareis, representing the Evangelical Lutheran Church, affirmed a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and the adoption of eco-friendly practices within the church community.

Rolf Bareis, the newly installed bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Georgia and the Southern Caucasus, brings a diverse background to his role. Known as a musician, organizer, and craftsman, Bareis underscores his approachable nature and practical engagement. His personal experiences, such as fixing stairs in mountain villages, showcase his hands-on approach. Fluent in both Deutsch and English, Bareis signifies a promising leader for the evolving landscape of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the region.

The signing of this contract marks a step forward in the broader initiative to incorporate sustainable practices into cultural and religious institutions, exemplifying the potential for synergy between technological innovation and spiritual spaces. As the solar system is installed on the church in Tbilisi, it serves as a practical example for other religious communities considering the integration of environmentally friendly energy solutions. This collaborative effort contributes to the broader goal of fostering a more sustainable and ecologically conscious future for both Georgia and the Southern Caucasus region.


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