Gamesa Electric company is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of electrical equipment, with extensive experience in photovoltaics, hydro-electric energy, marine propulsion, wind power and energy storage applications, among others..

 Gamesa has sold more than 30.000 MW spread out all over the 5 continents. The annual equivalent of this production amounts to more than 6 million tons of petroleum (TPE) per year and prevents from the emission into the atmosphere of over 40 million tons of CO2 a year.

 Gamesa’s manufacturing footprint includes 30 manufacturing centres in Europe, USA, China, India and Brazil, with 24 sales offices in 8 regions spread out around the world Gamesa Electric, fully owned by Gamesa, has been leading R&D in Power Electronics since 1979, being Spain the promoter of the first large scale PV plants integration in the electrical grid and install more than 1500 PV Inverters worldwide